Sector Gamma AS is a company providing investme...

Sector Gamma AS is a company providing investment management services within the global healthcare sector. The company is an investment firm, authorised by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway and holds the following licenses:

Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM)

  • Management of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs)
  • Management of portfolios of investments

Management company for securities funds

  • Securities fund management

Sector Gamma AS manages the hedge fund Sector Healthcare and the long-only UCITS fund Sector Healthcare Value Fund.

There are six employees in Sector Gamma AS with Trond Horneland as the company’s managing director.

Sector Gamma AS is owned by the group’s holding company (Sector Asset Management AS) and the investment managers (through the below mentioned companies):

Curium Invest AS 37.5%
Meditek Capital AS 37.5%
Sector Asset Management AS 25%